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      Company Profile

           Kepuni is a high-tech enterprise, which provides solutions for marine communication, marine electrical and automation systems.


      • The company has been established for 9 years

      • The company conducts scientific and technological and development

      • It has a full set of sheet metal finishing lines

      • Committed to offline trade for 9 years

      Organization Structure
      • The General Meeting of Shareholders
      • Board of Supervisors
      • Audit Department
      • Board of Directors
      • Chairman Secretary
      • General Manager
      • Vice General Manager
      • General Manager's Office
        • Human Resources Department
        • Administration Division
        • Science, Education, Culture and Health Department
      • Financial Management Department
      • Procurement Management Department
      • Sales Management Department
        • Part I
        • Part II
        • Part III
      • Scientific Research Center
        • Part I
        • Part II
        • Part III
      • Quality management department
      • Warehouse Management Department
      • Production Management Department
        • Part I
        • Part II
        • Part III
      • Information and Engineering Department
      Core Value
      • Purpose

        responsibility ? honor ? integrity ? unity
      • Spirit

        inherit tradition, pursue quality, benevolence and fraternity, and scientific and technological innovation
      • Objective

        to create Kepuni brand
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